T1 Hiking

Corsica – Coastal hike by Macinaggio

Short info – Corsica – Coastal hike by Macinaggio

DifficultyT1 Hiking
Distance9 km
Heighest point15 masl
Time3 hours
Height meter rise0 m
Height meter descent0 m
Starting pointCampsite U Stazzu
End pointCampsite U Stazzu

The Crew Day Report – Corsica – Coastal hike by Macinaggio

When we first arrived in Corsica we were amazed by the beautiful landscape and coastal sections. The ocean was crystal clear and and had a stunning blue color, there were almost no people travelling along the north and west coast of corsica. As soon as we arrived in Bastia by plane, we picked up the rental car which we’ve booked in advance and drove off towards the north of corsica. It was in Macinaggio where we started our first hike along the coast of Macinaggio. We hiked along the coast and passed the most amazing beaches where we every now and again took a break to enjoy the sunny warm weather and swim in the ocean. The hike itself was lovely and effortless, just right to relax and enjoy the day.


From Bastia we drove all the way up to the north on the main road along the coast until we got to Macinaggio where we parked the car at the camping site called U Stazzu. Then we walked out of the parking area and took a left and started our hike towards the hillside.

If you take a close look you will find a road sign that says “Plage Tamarone”, this is the direction we walked towards. Further down the road you will see a sign saying that you are about to enter a nature reserve area. We followed the rather dusty road until we reached the top of that path and were able to see the bay area and the crystal clear blue water. We walked down to the beach and took our first break.

Right after the swim we continued walking and shortly after we’re reminded by the locals that we are about to enter the nature reserve area. From here the path got more narrow but it was clear which way we needed to go. We followed the narrow path until we reached the ruins of an old tower.

To get back you can either walk the same way you came or take a right turn at the beginning on your way back and walk above the little church. Both paths are will take you back to the bay area from where you will walk back the same way.

Nice to know

CateringWater is important and something to eat
CostsExcept for food and beverages no costs
ClothingSneakers, swimming trunks, sunglasses, towel, sun protection cream and a hat
PlanningNo special preparation needed

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