The Crew Day Team

How and why was “Crew Day” founded?

We (Crew Day) more and more discovered in various media sources such as magazines and advertisements as well as the Internet, remarkable and extremly attractive pictures of landscapes and destinations in Switzerland as well as abroad. This was once of the reasons why we wanted to spend more time in nature and such beautiful environments.

Most of the time people travel the whole world to make excursions and see something new. Driven by curiosity to see as much as possible from the world, we forget that our own country has some of the most beautiful spots right in front of our doors.

Quite a few highly recommended places in Switzerland are just a few hours away from where we live.

The first Crew Day excursion

Unfortunately most of these ideas remain wishes and people never really go out but instead spend another boring weekend at home. But Crew Day was different… Beginning of the year 2016 on a rainy day, the three of us decided to go see the Aare Gorge. Despite the bad weather we went on and did the excursion. The rainy Gorge had a special aura and the trip turned out to be fun and worth it. We had a great time.

Money fills your pockets, adventure nourishes your soul

On our way back from Meiringen to Zurich we decided spontaneously to go to Attinghausen in Uri and dine at the infamous Pouletburg restaurant a have their famous “chicken in the basket”. While we were eating, we thought about the amazing day we spent together and figured that these kinda weekend trips or hikes are very relaxing. In addition it doesn’t cost you a lot and has a positive effect on your wallet.

Therefore we decided to do these trips/hikes/excursions on a weekly base. Due to the fact that the weather always changes in Switzerland, we agreed to arrange a good and bad weather program.

Since the day was spent together with our friends and as a group, we called this day the “Crew Day”.

More and more people from different backgrounds and countries are showing interest and taking part in our excursions.

Crew Day goes online

While we were planning our hikes we found out that most sources on the Internet require an exaggerated search to filter out the neccessary information. Gathering all these informations from various websites was highly time-consuming and not very satisfying.

For this reason we decided to create a website (blog) in order to gather all the neccessary information and share them with people and friends that are interested and looking for a weekend activity.

This was the birth of, our journal that shall assist you to prepare your next hike and excursion.

We’re looking forward to meet Crew Day participants and interested parties.

Your Crew Day Team