T1 Hiking

Gorges du Chauderon

Short info – Gorges du Chauderon

DifficultyT1 Hiking
Distance6 km
Heighest point968 masl
Time2-3 hours
Height meter rise240 m
Height meter descent240 m
Starting pointAltstadt Montreux
End pointMontreux Train Station
RegionCanton Waadt

The Crew Day Report – Gorges du Chauderon

On one of the last sunny weekend in summer we decided to visit the beautiful city of Montreux and did a short and easy hike with an amazing scenery. The old town of Montreux is not at the bottom of Montreux close to the Lac Léman (Geneva Lake) but it is far up the hill. The old town of Montreux is a starting point for many beautiful hikes, like the Gorge du Chauderon. Throughout the whole hike we were amazed to see all these beautiful green plans hanging down from everywhere looking somewhat like in the movie Avatar. The hike was very easy and doesn’t take up a lot of time. Perfect for a short visit into nature.


We went to Montreux by train and walked from the train station up to the old city of Montreux. Starting from here we went all the way straight until we saw the hiking signals showing in direction “par la Gorge du Chauderon”.

We kept on following the hiking signals towards Chemin de montagne. Right before you enter the forest there’s a big white sign saying “Gorges du Chauderon”, then we took the left way into the forest. We walk for a while and then follow the signal direction “Sonzier” all the way until we reach a wide road. There we take a left and walk back towards Montreux. After we’ve left the forest we walk down the road and are stunned by the beautiful view over the Lac Léman. We reach a fork and take the left towards the grapevines. We are above the highway and follow the road until we can walk under the high way and take the first right. From here there are many ways back to the old town of Montreux or straight back to Montreux train station.

Nice to know

CaterginSomething to drink. Eating is not necessary since it’s a short hike.
Costs Train ticket to and from Montreux and catering.
ClothingGood shoes, warm clothing, water and wind resistent jackets.
PlanningNo planning needed.

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