T3 Adv. Mountain Hiking

Grosser Mythen

Short Info – Grosser Mythen

DifficultyT3 adv. Mountain Hiking
Distance 4800 m
Highest point 1898 masl
Time 3 Hours from Brunni | 2 hours from  Holzegg
Height meter rise 800 m
Height meter descent 800 m
Starting point Brunni-Alpthal (1100 masl)
Stopover Brunni-Holzegg (1405 masl)
End point Brunni-Alpthal (1100 masl)
Region Canton Schwyz
Country Switzerland
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The Crew Day Report – Grosser Mythen

Due to the fact that we had a few cold weekends before the 21.05.2016 the weather conditions in the mountains where not that good, therefore we decided to do a hike below 2000 meter (Grosser Mythen). The hike is mostly on the southern slope and therefore you can avoid most of the snow. With 23 degrees and sunshine weather we took the Mythen path which is great for a one day hike.


At Brunni-Alpthal, right next to the bottom station, we started our hike towards the Grosser Mythen. The first part of the hike until Brunni-Holzegg, you can either hike or take the aerial cableway. The ride with the aerial cableway takes about 5 minutes. We decided to hike all the way up, starting at Brunni-Alpthal. On the way from Brunni-Alpthal until Brunni-Holzegg the first part takes you through a beautiful green landscape and then through the forest. There’s a restaurant at Brunni-Holzegg where you can eat and drink and then hike all the way up to the top.

From Brunni-Holzegg there’s a steep serpentine path which takes you all the way to the top of the mountain. There are a few tricky spots on the way up to the top, but these are secured with chains so you can hold yourself. Throughout the whole hike there’s an amazing view on to the Glarner and Urner Alps. Once you reach the top there’s a small restaurant where you can get yourself something to eat and drink. Once again there’s a beautiful view from the top over the Vierwaldstädter lake.

Nice to know

CateringEating possibilities along the way at Brunni-Holzegg and on the top. Make sure you check the opening hours.Verpflegungsmöglichkeit bei Brunni-Holzegg und auf dem Spitz. Wasser für den Weg jedoch empfehlenswert.
Costs Aerial cableway up/down CHF 10.- for adults, way back with the aerial cableway CHF 15.-. First drive 08:00 o’clock, last ride 17:30 o’clock, inbetween every 30minutes
ClothingGood shoes, warm clothes, water and wind resistent jacket.
PlanningNo special needed for this short hike.


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