River floating in the Rhein – Stein am Rhein – Langwiesen

Short info – River floating in the Rhein – Stein am Rhein – Langwiesen

Splash downBetween 10.00 – 12.00
Distance approx. 20 km
Activities/Highlightscampfire spot, berths to sun bathe
Time all day activity
Starting pointStein am Rhein
End point Langwiesen (shortly before Schaffhausen)
Region Canton Schaffhausen
Country Switzerland

The Crew Day Report – River floating in the Rhein – Stein am Rhein – Langwiesen

On one of the last nice summer days we decided to go river floating in the Rhein. All you need is a rubber boat, some rubber rings, good music and something to eat and drink. At around 12.00 o’clock we splashed into the water and relaxed all day. This kinda excursion is perfect on a sunny beautiful day and wonderful to relax and do nothing but to float and enjoy the amazing landscape while floating down the river.


By car we drove to the train station Stein am Rhein and parked our cars at the train station parking lot. From there we walked another 5-10 minutes to the bridge right next to the river.

On the map below you can see the bridge which has a few parkings as well but shouldn’t be used since parking is only allowed for 30 minutes. This is where we pumped up our rubber boats and splashed into the water.

As we were floating on the Rhein we passed a lot of spots where we could have gone out to rest or eat something. Make sure that once on the river you stay on the white marked area and not the green. The part which is marked in green is the side of the river which is reserved for the big boats. We went out in Langwiesen. After that the car drivers went back to Stein am Rhein to get the cars and drive back to Langwiesen to pick up the rest of the crew.

Nice to know

Cateringlots of campfire spots and restaurants along the river (secret tip: http://paradiesli.ch/)
CostsParking approx. CHF 8.-, drive back with the train from Langwiesen to Stein am Rhein CHF 3.70.-
Clothingwarm clothing, swimming clothes and towels
Planningstudy the route, swimming wests for kids, pump, dry bag and make sure you have enough time for the whole trip

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